Wallingford Welly Wang

Welly Wang

All proceeds will go to local charities.

How much?

50p per Wang
One tasting voucher = 2 Wangs


1pm to 4.30pm between live music sets on Sunday 23 June

Rules for the Wallingford Welly Wang

Rule 1

All Wangers will show a good sense of humour at all times.

Rule 2

The sport shall be a civilised affair, with fair play and good manners.

Rule 3

The Grand Umpire’s word is final, though a player’s word and their honour should be sufficient.

Rule 4

Distances shall be measured in yards, feet and inches. God save the King.

Rule 5

There are four categories:

  • Open International
  • Lobbing Ladies
  • Boys (under 14yrs)
  • Girls (under 14yrs)

Rule 6

The standard Welly for the Open International shall be the Dunlop Green, size 9, non steel toe-cap wellington boot. Competitors may select whether to use a left or right Welly. For the Lobbing Ladies competition a Vital boot, size 4 will be used. For the Boys and Girls competitions a Requisite boot, size 5 will be used.

Rule 7

No tampering with the Welly is allowed.

Rule 8

A maximum run-up of 42 paces shall be allowed (see Hitchhikers Guide).

Rule 9

The Welly must be Wanged from behind the marked ‘Tosser’s Line’, which is 10 feet wide (the width of a standard farm gate). If a Wanger steps over the Tosser’s Line before their Welly hits the ground a ‘foul’ will be called and the Wang invalidated.

Rule 10

Some part of the Welly must land and rest within the marked tossing area, known as the ‘Outback’.

Rule 11

The Welly may be launched using any action of the arm or foot, excepting that for Health and Safety reasons following rigorous risk assessments - no rear facing between-the-legs throws are permitted.

Rule 12

The use of wind assistance is allowed. However waiting for a suitable gust is limited to 15 seconds. No artificial or man-made wind is permitted.

Rule 13

The winners of the two adult categories shall each receive a Welly Wang trophy. Winners of the Boys and Girls categories shall each win a crisp £5 note to spend as they please. They will all have the respect of Welly Wangers across the globe.

Rule 14

In the event of a tie a ‘Wang-Off’ shall be called, with each competitior Wanging in turn until a winner emerges. If a competitor can’t be found or refuses to leave the bar for the Wang-Off, they shall be declared ‘Wanged-Out’ and forfeit the Wang-Off.

Rule 15

All competitors agree to allowing the results and any photos taken at the event to be published on the festival website, in international news and other media.

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Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June.

No dogs except guide dogs.

More details on vendors and entertainment will be added as soon as they're confimed.

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